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Providing Excellence

Highest Grade Material

As the demands of tablet pressing tools require the purest and highest-grade tool steels, Altinex invests greatly to assure our tools are made from the best materials available while still maintaining the cost affordable. All materials utilised in our company is forged in Switzerland and have been tested, then analysed to provide flawless tools to our customer.

Tool materials are important. Altinex realise and value that.

Advance Computerised Machines Meet Well Honed Craftmanship

Precision of a tablet pressing tool is measured in micro-scale, giving rise to the needs of computerised numeric controlled machine (CNC) to shape and build the most meticulous widths, lengths, and radii.

In order to meet such standard, most machines utilised in Altinex are CNCs, ensuring our tool’s accuracy and precision. At the final stage of our production flow, we also inspect all our products under computerised measuring machines as part of our strict quality control.

We also recognise the importance of our employee’s skill and craftsmanship, especially in processes that requires human delicate touch and sensitivity as well as judgments that will never be achieved from machines . We take pride in our employees as we hone and encourage them to polish their skill to an excellent level.

By combining advanced technology with superior craftsmanship, we believe our tools are of the best quality and standards.

Wide Selection of Tool Options and Configurations

Here in Altinex, we take pride at our range of tools options as we design and engineer our own tools. Our skilled engineer are ready to meet all your specifications and customisation. All options and configurations are meticulously recommended by our expert to best suit different types of production aspects, thus, heightening our customer’s production effectivity and efficiency, while maintaining tools longevity.

Custom Punches & Dies Specification

Multiple Tip Punches & Dies

Rotating Head Punches

Tool Coatings

Lined Dies